iSleepFit Posture Belt

The iSleepFit System Sleep Belt is designed to help you get the most out of your time asleep. Whether you’re looking for a snoring solution, a way to manage certain types of pain, or a way to maximize your beauty sleep – the iSleepFit sleep positioner is the simple solution for better sleep.


The iSleepFit Posture Belt helps you maintain your desired sleep position. The patent-pending iSleepFit balls act as bumpers. They stop you from rolling over by causing gentle discomfort that guides you back to your desired position.



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The iSleepFit Posture Belt is one-size-fits-most. Wear the 52-inch belt anywhere on your mid-section between your chest and hips. Smaller users can trim the belt to fit; heating the end will prevent fraying. Secure the buckle on a non-sleeping side for comfort. Next, loosen each ball by slightly turning the top half in the opposite direction of the bottom half. Then, simply slide the balls to your non-sleeping sides and tighten. Your iSleepFit Posture Belt is ready to train you to sleep in your ideal position. To remove, simply unbuckle.

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