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Get Sleep Back On Your Side

Thank you for joining our fitness movement to make sleep a conscious part of health living. Our company grew out of the realization that changing the positions people sleep in can improve the way they feel all day. If you do something for eight hours a night, it’s going to make an impact.

Poor sleeping habits can lead to all sorts of problems, from back pain to snoring to numbness and even wrinkles, but how do you change what you do when you’re not even awake? We designed our first product to help retrain your body to stay in your desired sleep position.

Get Started

The iSleepFit Posture Belt is one-size-fits-most. Wear the 52-inch belt anywhere on your mid-section between your chest and hips. Users requiring a smaller size can cut the belt to fit; heating the end will prevent fraying.

Secure the buckle on a non-sleeping side for comfort. Next, loosen each ball by slightly turning the top half in the opposite direction of the bottom half. Then, simply slide the balls to your non-sleeping sides and tighten. Your iSleepFit Posture Belt is ready to train you to sleep in your ideal position. To remove, simply unbuckle.

How It Works

The patent-pending iSleepFit balls act as bumpers. They stop you from rolling over by causing gentle discomfort that guides you back to your desired position.

What’s the Healthiest Sleep Position?

It depends on your health issues. Doctors often recommend sleeping on your back because gravity naturally balances your body weight and aligns your spine and internal organs. If you experience snoring, sleep apnea or are pregnant, sleeping on your side might be the better option.

Ball Placement Instructions for Back Sleep Position

For back sleeping, position one ball on each side and one on your stomach.

  • Increases circulation
  • Reduces neck, shoulder and back pain
  • Prevents sleep wrinkles
  • Promotes deep breathing
  • Reduces teeth grinding
  • Helps bursitis or hip pain

Ball Placement Instructions for Side Sleep Position

For side sleeping, position two balls on your back and one ball on your stomach.

You can also move all three balls to your back to allow for rolling side-to-side via your stomach route.

  • Reduces snoring
  • Improves sleep apnea
  • Left side recommended during pregnancy
  • Left side recommended to ease GERD symptoms

Ball Placement Instructions for Stomach Sleep Position

Stomach sleeping is not recommended unless by doctor.

To sleep on your stomach, position one ball on each side and one on your back.

  • Relieves pressure on spaces between discs


Ask your doctor about the ideal sleep position for your health needs. Try each position for a few nights to discover which provides the best results. Remember, it might take time to notice benefits and break bad sleep habits. Do not use the iSleepFit Posture Belt after drinking alcohol or taking sleep medication.

Thank you again for joining the iSleepFit movement to make sleep a conscious part of healthy living. The iSleepFit Posture Belt is the foundation of the iSleepFit System and we are excited to continue to educate and equip you to make the most of every second you’re asleep; join our newsletter below.

Are you ready to get sleep back on your side? Order your iSleepFit today!