What’s the best sleep position for you?

Have you ever woken up with a kink in your neck? Couldn’t sleep because of indigestion? Kept your partner awake at night with your snoring? When you sleep in an unhealthy position for eight hours every night, it’s going to have a negative impact.

Make a positive impact and change your position and improve the way you feel all day, every day. The iSleepFit Sleep Posture Belt trains you to sleep in your optimal position.

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Ask your doctor about the ideal sleep position for your needs. Feel free to try each position for a few nights to see which provides the best results. Remember, it might take time to notice the benefits and to break bad habits. With the iSleepFit Sleep Posture Belt, you’ll be able to maintain your desired sleeping position, optimizing the time you are asleep and creating a continuous approach to health 24/7.

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