Falling asleep on your stomach is the most popular position. However, doctors don’t recommend it unless you suffer from herniated disks.

The iSleepFit is designed to help you maintain your desired sleeping position. If you’re having trouble maintaining a doctor-recommended position while sleeping, the iSleepFit can help.

Pros of Stomach Sleep Position

  • Relieves pressure on spaces between disks.

Cons of Stomach Sleep Position

  • Flattens the natural curvature of the spine and keeps head turned to one side causing neck pain.
  • Restricts blood flow and places pressure on joints and muscles to irritate nerves and lead to pain, numbness and tingling.
  • Restricts the lungs to prevent a fully expanded breath.
  • Exerts unnecessary pressure on the breasts, which may cause tenderness.


  • Don’t use a pillow at all, or try raising one side of your body slightly with a long pillow or placing a pillow under your hips.
  • Avoid raising arms above head because the position places pressure on nerves leading to pain.
  • Avoid placing arms under the weight of body because decreased circulation will cause numbness.

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